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Download, Watch online Green Lantern (LQ) Movie.

Green Lantern (LQ)
Genres: Action
Actors: Mike Doyle
Blake Lively
Ryan Reynolds
Peter Sarsgaard
Temuera Morrison
Gattlin Griffith
Jon Tenney
Director(s): Martin Campbell
IMDB Rating:6.4 out of 10 (4062 votes)

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Plot Summary:

A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

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Visitors Review

pmperry-1 (2011-06-22 22:58:17)

I went to the movie with reservations...

I went into the movie with reservations as I wasn't really sold on RyanReynolds being Super Hero but I have to tell you he did a pretty goodjob.

I am a big fan of many of the modern day Super Hero Movies and I putDark Knight at the top of the list with X-Men 2 as My number 2... Mostof the other super hero movies fall in pretty much evenly right behindthese two... With that said, I would say this Movie was at least asGood as the original Iron Man, the 1st Spider Man and the 3rd X Men aswell as the 2nd Hulk Movie.

Honestly, ignore the lame BS reviews and give the movie a shot as Ithink you will enjoy it overall and it really is worth seeing on theBig screen.

One little note, they manager to overcome the myth that his powersdidn't work on the color yellow and explained that it is Yellow Energythey work against...

Also, stay until the Credits are finished or you will miss seeing thebirth of The Green Lantern's #1 Enemy.

Oh and one let note, there have been many Green Lanterns as the Ring ispassed on when one dies and yes some were Black but not all of them.

John DeSando( (2011-06-22 04:17:36)

A worthy summer sci-fi

"Help me save my planet! Help me fight it!" Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds)

If green is like growth, then Green Lantern suits the simile. The greengrowth is Lantern's franchise possibilities because the concept of ahuman chosen to be one of the universe's guardians can be new enough tobe carried through several iterations. I can see a few summers waitingfor the next installment.

A comic-book-based, sci-fi thriller with a titular hero, playedcasually if not blandly but engagingly by Ryan Reynolds, in theSuperman, Spider Man, Iron Man mode, Lantern has the clich├ęs of flawedhero who has worlds to save, demons to tame, and a girl friend tocomplicate his mission. And unnecessarily but not obtrusively in 3-D.

Director Martin Campbell, who guided Daniel Craig through a slickCasino Royale, helps Reynolds be manly enough to save the world yetvulnerable enough to care about the humans he guards.

The thematic focus on the power of the will to achieve is good for allages at a time when achieving anything great seems out of everyone'sgrasp. The antithesis, fear, is also a powerful motif, for the enemy ofthe Green Lantern Corps is Parallax, an evil force feeding off itsyellow energy. Although the depiction of this evil is pedestrian, thenotion of forces in the universe that oppose good is always useful tothe dramatist.

As a worthy summer blockbuster, Green Lantern has the usual CGIspectacle of exotic kingdoms in deep space and immortal leaders likethe gods on Mt. Olympus (why they are shriveled sages just isn'tlogical). All this eyewash is worthy of Hollywood technicality butleaves me longing for more dialogue in other galaxies and less romancehere on earth.

"Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself." FDR's First InauguralAddress

krieg8814254 (2011-06-21 21:19:00)

A True Disappointment and a CGI Mess

Story-wise, there's not much. It's alien protectors choosing anearthman for the first time to join their band and the rules change sooften that it's impossible to establish a compelling logic. I'm surethere may be a cool story here but apparently the studio had toys andvideo games to sell because they cut through anything that coulddevelop the plot or characters and get right to the crazy George Lucusnew Star Wars type CGI mishmash. I like Ryan Reynolds but his charismadoesn't come through in the movie's sloppy storytelling. This isnothing but a mess of a movie.

This was a true disappointment on every level. The plot has no cohesionmaking it difficult for anyone to get caught up in the film. That's abig surprise after most comic based films have proved that you needmore story and character than flashy powers. This thing is moreFantastic Four or Catwoman than Iron Man or Dark Knight. I had hopedthat this would be better. I found myself trying hard to like the filmbut failing miserably. Despite the number of effects, they were veryho-hum. It may be the jaded video game culture has made any graphicsheavy movie boring but Green Lantern really plays out like video gamecut scenes. At one point, it was just one crazy and hard to follow CGImess after another. Yes, a true disappointment.

jonno-ice (2011-06-21 03:39:50)

Green Lantern succeeds because it works hard at becoming what it really is.

A comic book movie.

The painful truth for any filmmaker in the modern world trying toconstruct a much-loved comic book hero/venerably worshipped deitypicture is the inevitable comparison to The Dark Knight.

But let's be frank here fellas, The Dark Knight is simply not a comicbook movie, it never was from the day of its conception and certainlynot from the day popular culture set their beady little eyes on it.

But still, the comparisons are what they are, and what they are, aredesperate comparisons of the films with The Dark Knight. And because ofthat, this film, among others, will be deemed painful exercises inSpecial FX and shallow character development.

I think these accusations are largely unfair, and yes, I am probablygoing to rant in the majority of this review.

Let's get straight to the facts. That is, the negative ones first.

GL is a fairly unfamiliar superhero to most of us (I had no particularinterest in him before the production started, and it is unlikely Iwill be buying a blow up doll of Ryan Reynolds in a green suit andhiding it in my locked wardrobe anytime in the future ? wait. What?).Batman, Spiderman and Superman are the musclebound dogs we have sodeeply ingrained in our personal view of the world's popular culture.So when we hear about a guy with a powered ring, we can't help butthink 'the son of Sauron is a funny vomit green! YAY!' This is perhapsthe primary marketing difficulty for the film.

The cast overall is not a problem, however, none of them are given areally significant period of time on screen. This makes sense however,when you consider the film has a runtime of only an hour-and-a-half orso. For a large scale character origin story, why wouldn't you use yourstandard allotted 120 minutes (that's about as much as the kiddiesyou've used as an excuse to go see it can handle) to throw in a fewmore bones for the older audience to chew on? I guess not. An extrafive minutes screen time for Mega-head, the green guy, theyellow-monster- thingy, the brunette you can tell is really a blondeand the sunburnt guy played by the bloke off Kick-Ass? 3-5 minutes isan eternity in film and would have tempted this humble reviewer to markout an early place in the year's top ten list. But alas, it wasn't tobe.

The plot, as plots go in our dear, beloved, nihilistic Hollywood is onpar, but is executed with confidence. Confidence that goes somedistance in hiding its somewhat industrial manufacture.

Oh, and it's always good to keep in mind that if you want a trulyfrightening villain for the beloved hero to contend with, it's best tomake him human (or humanoid at least). The horrors in my nightmares areeither unseen until the last minute or human. A yellow computergenerated thing with a bad dentist? ? ah well.

Now the positives. The first positive is that the negatives did notweigh this film down. I walked into the theatre tired, grumpy andexhausted (It was a 10am showing. You get it.) and very determined tofind a reason to viciously hate every bit of this film. I had fun, wassurprised at some of the things on screen and most importantly, didn'tfeel like rioting at the concession stand afterwards for the return ofmy money.

Ryan Reynolds is good because he is just ordinary. Not ordinary in hisacting, just ordinary in his characters representation. So far, thecharacter is the one I've had the most ease in relating to. And this iswhat I mean - I am not a nerdy guy who can't get girls and then getsbitten by a hungry arachnid. And I am certainly not from Kryton (Andcontrary to popular belief, I was not born in a manger either). Neitheris Reynolds character. He is just a guy who has made some baddecisions, has some nightscare issues and one day gets an enormousresponsibility plopped right on his shoulders (or finger?whatever).Ain't that life in a nutshell?

Mark Strong is as usual a revelation in this film. He is both menacingand wise in his portrayal of Hal Jordan's mentor, amazing if youconsider all the tomato sauce layered on his face (they call thismakeup). Gossip Girl girl Blake Lively adds some touching elements tothis film, and her relationship with Hal Jordan in this film is bothmoving and surprisingly, quite tragic. I enjoyed this aspect of thefilm, and would have liked to have seen more of it, even if that meantmaking it the 'heart' of the whole film. Peter Saarsgard seems to beplaying the standard issue he brings out of all his films, but he issufficiently creepy, and thankfully provides some comic relief.

The action sequences and effects are brisk and mercifully short. MartinCampbell seems more concerned with characters and supplementing themwith action sequences, rather than the other way round, which is justwhat is needed. Campbell employed the same stroke with 'Casino Royale,'and the method proves useful through all situations. James NewtonHoward's score is memorable if not stunning, and the production designis competent. I particularly liked the green suits, but stating that asbelonging to production design may start new a galaxy wide war with theSFX department, so I won't go there.

Overall, GL is satisfying and memorable, while also being suitable forkids (shock/horror!).

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