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Download, Watch online Super 8 (LQ) Movie.

Super 8 (LQ)
Genres: Thriller
Actors: Ron Eldard
Andrew Miller
Kyle Chandler
Gabriel Basso
Elle Fanning
Zach Mills
Jessica Tuck
Director(s): J.J. Abrams
IMDB Rating:7.9 out of 10 (867 votes)

Download Information

Super 8 (LQ) (iPod) Resolution: 480x320 px Total Size: 439 Mb
Super 8 (LQ) (DivX) Resolution: 720x480 px Total Size: 1408 Mb


Plot Summary:

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

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Visitors Review

Monsieur_Poopoo (2011-07-12 15:22:19)

Imagination Can Be Your Guide

The idea is pretty basic - after witnessing a mysterious train crash, agroup of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strangehappenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigateinto the creepy phenomenon. ... Super 8 is one of those nasty, horrificpieces of cinema that pops up now and again to polarize viewers intotwo warring camps: The Lovers and The Haters. Eraserhead, Videodromeand even, to some extent, The Exorcist did this by being well made,interesting films featuring likable characters in unimaginablesituations. Sucker Punch and Martyrs are two examples of more recentshock cinema which toe the lie between art and atrocity. Super 8crosses that line at approximately 50 minutes into its 100 minuterun-time, at a sprinters pace, and doesn't look back. The differencebetween Sucker Punchs' chilly nihilism and Martyrs' unending misery andgloom is that Super 8 actually features happy, likable characters whoyou want to succeed and who you feel a deepening connection to - evenas they are slowly caught up in the horrific world of Spielbergianfeelgood drama. This is a ROUGH piece of cinema. Do NOT enter thislightly and, unless you want to be walked-out on and potentiallyarrested, don't watch this with anyone you don't know well enough tohave a deeply polarized disagreement with. Super 8 may take prisonersbut it doesn't let them live for very long and their last few momentson this Earth will shake you to your core.

Joey (2011-07-12 06:49:46)

Super 8 Is Super Great

"Super 8" has everything you look for in a great movie: great story and superb acting. The young cast, consisting mainly of a bunch of unknowns, is headlined by Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning. Kyle Chandler also stars, by Courtney and the younger actors really steal the spotlight. In short, "Super 8" was one the best films I've seen in a long time. Great storytelling on JJ Abrams' part.

lara (2011-07-11 15:39:30)

Super 8 super cool

well worth the money in seeing it!!! have not jumped that much in a movie in a long time!!!! It is well done from funny to spooky.

Elwood (2011-07-11 10:24:30)

My 16 year old daughters and I loved it!

I always read the user reviews before going to see a movie like this because I am curious of what people like me have to say. Rather than people who get paid to over think movies. Fortunately I didn't take the bad reviews to heart and went to see this movie anyway.

I thought it was a great movie. Like most reviews, I thought the acting, especially from the the kids, was phenomenal.

The story was not real imaginative, but I've gotten used to that over the last 10 years of being a movie-aholic. I don't care though. This movie was fun and brought back a lot of memories of hanging out with friends and being adventurous when there wasn't much else to do.

I thought it put some of the best parts of Spielberg and Abrams combined them into a nostalgic recreation of a combination of The Goonies, ET, Cloverfield and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I felt just fine that the "thing" that escapes from the train was not shown much and was not the focus of the movie. The movie was about the kids and the people closest to them and about what happens to them when something catastrophic happens in their town. The monster is a supporting character in my mind.

I loved it. Go see it if you can leave your brain at the door and just enjoy a good movie about adventure and a little sci-fi mixed with boy meets girl and has problems with his dad after his mom is killed.

ultramatt2000-1 (2011-07-10 17:30:59)

This is one awesome movie.

I love this movie! Since I enjoyed CLOVERFIELD, I know I will enjoythis movie. These kids are shooting a Super-8 movie and they getinterrupted by a horrible event that results in chaos and terror. Thefilm pays homage to Steven Spielberg's film like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF ATHIRD KIND, E.T., THE GOONIES (not a film directed by him, but he gotinvolved in it), JURASSIC PARK, and the 2005 remake of WAR OF THEWORLDS. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll wonder why (and get somescares along the way). Now let me spend the rest of the review on why Iliked it (specifically). I have been reading articles about specialeffects pioneers. When they were young, great movies with specialeffects inspired them an they were passionate to make their own specialeffects films and find out how they were done. They were readingmovie-related books and magazines like "Famous Monsters of Filmland","Cinemagic", and "Super-8 Film-Maker". When one of the characters wereworking on the film, I was amazed by the equipment the used. Theyranged from rinky-dink to clunky. Going back, when the pioneers readthat stuff, they began to experiment and master the techniques and tryto perfect it. They end up making up their own films based on, orinspired by the films they saw. Why did I point that up? Well, I wouldlike to point out the following recommendations for those who enjoyedthis movie. These TV shows: MOVIE MAGIC (1993-1998) MEGA MOVIE MAGIC(1998-2000) CINEMA SECRETS (1999-2002) These DVDs: EQUINOX (1967/70)MONSTER-KID HOME MOVIES (2005) Trust me you would love it. If the movieis released on DVD, well then, watch it and some extras like thecommentary.

Teazrq (2011-07-10 08:31:50)

An excellent fairy tale

So, I went to the movie after watching the trailer several times. Iwasn't sure what to expect, since from the trailers, it looks like a"monster-attacking" movie, but I thought they wouldn't use kids as maincharacters if it's just like that.

So, anyways, after about half an hour, I realized that this is going tobe a good movie (or at least the type of movie that I will enjoy). Thereason is, first, there is a fair amount of character building, which Ithink is always a key element of good movie. Second, the performance ofthese kids are amazing, especially the girl (you will see when youwatch it). And also, the music gives this movie a big boost.

You will probability say some of the scene doesn't make sense, like, "Iwill never do this", or, "how can he do that", that might drag you awayfor a couple of second from enjoying it. That's why I would rather callthis movie a fairy tale (with a lot of modern filming technologies). Itactually recalls me when I watched "Stand by me" a while ago, it isreally just watching these kids doing their adventure and you feel likeyou are a kid again.

I guess I said enough about it, you have to watch it yourself. But ifyou expect this to be a summer blockbuster with a lot of monsters andexplosions, this might not be the right movie for you. I'm just a moviegoer, I watch all kinds of movies and I enjoyed this one. I think it'sthis summer's best one up to now. It would be a good movie for a familyto watch too.

jem (2011-07-09 21:50:12)

Good - Goonies meet Sci-Fi

Good movie with a similarities of the Goonies. Well done and fun for most, not the real young ones though ... a tad to spooky

jaywatson (2011-07-09 07:01:30)

Great, but story is totally pointless

Visuals were great, but seriously (I don't want to spoil it, so no spoilers ahead) the plot was SO *****ING POINTLESS. They try to make it all epic and stuff but really there is no point. Possibly one of the worst plots ever.

DAVID (2011-07-08 22:13:03)


A must see especially if you admire the fact that it had a storyline.I enjoyed it...kind of reminded me of twister during the train wreck scene or just go see it yourself and decide.DH,Wa

carlos H (2011-07-08 00:45:10)

Loved It!

Really loved this movie. Haven't been this entertained in a while. My kids also enjoyed it. Definitely worth the price of admission.

BobbyPG (2011-07-07 12:21:01)

The overall product is wonderfully nostalgic, while successfully being its own work of art.

J.J. Abrams has released his first complete brain-child, somethingcompletely his own. Well, sort of. For a long time he's had the ideaand the characters for a movie about a group of kids making movies inthe early 70?s. This was not enough to bring people into the theaters,or to hold a serious plot. So, this second idea of a monster movie,which Abrams also has had in his pocket for a while, was thrown intothe melting pot, and Super 8 was born. The combination of the two ideasis actually pretty obvious while watching the movie. It's almost onehalf characters, one half monsters. But the synchronization andblending of the two was done well enough not to detract from the actualmovie.

Something about the story and production of the movie that has gotten alot of attention from critics is the comparison and similarity of thismovie to classic Steven Spielberg movies like E.T. and Close Encountersof the Third Kind. Firstly, the people are right. The camera work andangles, the similar story idea about a kid and an alien, and otheraspects really are very similar to said movies. But the last time Ichecked, those were incredible movies, and this follows suite. It islike a band covering another, and doing it well enough to be calledtheir own. That's the best analogy I can make. Secondly, while verysimilar in some areas, it sets itself apart with it's new-age effects,and I think the characters are immensely deeper than those of moviespast.

If there is one thing that made this movie as good as it was, it wasthe cast, the group of kids specifically. Most of them had not seenmuch work, so finding such a great combination of people is awesome tosee. These kids were incredible. They bring thoughts of The Goonies, apack of friends that are just an absolute joy to watch go through somecrazy adventures. These kids' on-screen presence was palpable, beggingto be called perfect. Joel Courtney, the new-coming lead role, wasgreat. You can feel both his pain and his compassion throughout. Hiscast of movie- making buddies, with Riley Griffiths playing the controlfreak director, Ryan Lee playing the wacky pyromaniac and Gabriel Bassoplaying the quirky actor, are virtually a non-fictional group offriends making movies together. Last, but definitely not least, we havethe enchanting Elle Fanning, who from her first time being on-screen inthis movie, completely blew me out of the water. She is an older kidbrought into the gang's movie to play the leading actress, and even herin-movie acting is insane. Since her role in Somewhere, which I thoughtshe killed, she seems so much more mature and grown up. She is solovely and adorable, much more-so than her sister, who is nothing toscoff at herself, I can only wait patiently to see what her extremelyyoung career can blossom into. Kyle Chandler also turns in a very solidrole as Courtney's absent, mourning father.

As far as the actual monster goes, there are some holes that can bepunched in it's story-line, but as a whole it does its job to thrill,and even scare us and put us on the edge of our seats. There is moreI'd like to say, but that is flirty with spoiler territory, so I won'tget into it. There is also the ending of the movie, which I thoughtleft questions unanswered, and maybe wanting a little bit more, butwon't take too much shine from the whole thing.

One specific scene I was very excited for was the train crashing scene.Abrams and Spielberg both said in an interview that they loved the ideaof doing their own trail derailing scene in a movie someday, and itreally shows in the early part of this movie. The crash scene itself isspectacular, awe-inspiring. The other effects are great as well, with atypical Abrams monster, that you get to see a lot more of thanCloverfield.

As a side note, I was really hoping that the soundtrack would match thepotential of the visuals of the movie, but I think it was a littledisappointing. Probably the only forgettable thing about the entiremovie, which is a great thing to say.

Be sure to stay for the credits!

My Rating

- Super 8 is almost a tribute to movies of its own in-story time, witha near perfect cast and characters, and delicious looking specialeffects. While the meshing of two ideas, characters and a monster,struggles at points, and the ending is slightly disappointing, theoverall product is wonderfully nostalgic, while successfully being itsown work of art.

Find all of my reviews at

Mr Frisky (2011-07-07 11:48:34)


Spielberg and Abrams signature all over it. I loved the old school feel to it. I was severely disappointed that they had to drop the F-Bomb though. Had my son been younger I would have not taken him to see this flick. Yes, I am old school like that. I do not like children using harsh words as I don't. In this day and age, you get ridiculed for having morals. Maybe they can make a PG'er one like they did "The King's Speech"? E.T. was still better.

Christopher (2011-07-06 17:48:08)

The best movie of the year so far.

A lot of reviewers don't share my enthusiasm, but that's how I would probably feel if I were in my 20's; however, I'm now in my 40's, which I believe has given me more insight and allowed for a better perspective on what makes a great movie. Super 8 had a great story, great characters (who could act well), and great directing. Sure it didn't explain everything, but it didn't have to. Yes, the main characters were kids, but this wasn't a kid movie. I found my eyes glued to the screen for the entire movie. And this was certainly not a rehash of E.T., it was so much more. Yes, there was an alien, but it wasn't an alien movie. The movie was; undoubtedly, vintage Speilberg, when everthing he touched was golden. Lastly, be sure to stay for credits to get the full effect.

Nathan (2011-07-06 09:06:05)

Super 8

This is the most visually stunning alien movie in years. J.J. Abrams has created a classic that gives the feel of an old Spielberg movie. This is the summer movie we've all been waiting for. The movie is based in 1979 when a group of friends making a movie witness a train crash. However something was in that train. The military arrives in town that night to see the remains of the crash. Only they know that it was coming from Area 51 and know of it's dangerous cargo. This is about all I will give away.

Sandy B (2011-07-05 19:07:46)

I enjoyed it, but it did not "wow" me.

Definately worth seeing. I am 51 and the music was nostalgic for me. My 14 year old son made a pretty astute observation, the movie is kind of a hybird between E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and The Goonies. After seeing it, you will say the same. Also, the creature reminds me of General Grievous from the last Star Wars.

Matt (2011-07-05 11:13:22)

Disappointed to say the least...

Love Speilberg and this was not a good movie. It just lacks the energy and gets bogged down at various times with lack of substance. I would suggest waiting until this hits netflix instead of wasting your money at the theater.

Donald C (2011-07-04 16:43:53)

Good special effects

My partner lost her bag of popcorn (and some of the coke) all over me during an exiting scene. You won't be disappointed. Try to see it in IMAX.

Christina (2011-07-04 02:38:13)


i loved the characters and the funny lines but that was it!!! the storyline was sooooo boring. you didnt even see what was going on until an hour in. i went with 2 friends ( all around age 30) and my 8 year old son. my son slept-- and none of us liked it. i wasted my money and time, please dont waste yours.

dave s (2011-07-03 13:51:04)

perfect summer movie

Honestly I am ok with a little rehashing of the old Spielberg good feeling movies. Why shouldn't this generation have their own part of the magic. As for language and violence, I thought it was pretty mild compared to most movies that are targetted as family movies. I agree that the ending was a little week, but the rest of the story moved swiftly and encompassed several story lines at the sametime. This movie will be around all summer and expect its numbers to grow after opening weekend and not diminish.

Forrest-Mcfly (2011-07-03 07:27:54)

Stand By ME.T.

I have been a sci-fi fan since I first laid eyes on a guy in an aliensuit. But, it has been a few years since the genre really felt alive tome. These days, the genre has either forgetting it's roots or tried tohard to push the limits of CGI. Super 8, is the savior I have beenwaiting for.

Super 8 is a truly amazing experience and to say that is a blend ofmany 80's kids Sci-Fi films is definitely an accurate speculation.However, I feel that the strongest comparison would be E.T. meets StandBy Me. The film has many memorable parts and to spoil them would be acrime so just trust me when I say that it is worth all time and moneythat you will spend to see it.

Finally, watch out for the train scene because it will send yourhearing in to a panic. For you Universal monster fans, keep an eye outfor a Creature From The Black Lagoon action figure. Lastly, stay forthe credits to see the kids movie and a fun little reference to theking of zombie cinema.

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