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Download, Watch online Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One Movie.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One
Genres: Crime
Actors: Forest Whitaker
Michael Kelly
Janeane Garofalo
Beau Garrett
Matt Ryan
Kirsten Vangsness
Director(s): Edward Allen Bernero
Chris Mundy
IMDB Rating:6.3 out of 10 (539 votes)

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4 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (iPod) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 130 Mb
5 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (iPod) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 100 Mb
6 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (iPod) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 104 Mb
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8 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
8 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
8 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
7 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
6 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
5 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
4 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 351 Mb
3 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb
2 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - Season One (DivX) Resolution: 624x352 px Total Size: 350 Mb


Plot Summary:

Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior is an American police procedural drama on CBS. The show debuted in 2011 as a spin-off from the successful Criminal Minds, which premiered in 2005. This editions profiling team also works for the Federal Bureau of Investigations Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia. In an April 2010 episode of Criminal Minds (The Fight), the original team met the new team and worked with them to find a San Francisco serial killer as the series backdoor pilot.

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Visitors Review

manuel-maria-leite (2011-07-04 18:42:34)

Forest Whitaker at his best

This is a truly excellent spin-off. Forest Whitaker is magnificent, hismystical-zen-Buddhist-whatever approach to the job is pivotal to hisrole. The rest of the cast is not so good - the "british accent" guy ismuch more annoying than Garofalo and The Prophet is way too thin acharacter to be interesting. The plot of episode 1 was puzzlinglyplain, the episode 2 was great, episode 3 was a little less great.Throughout the episodes, Forest's mumbling and drooling keeps the showabove average, and much more down-to-earth than the last episodes ofthe original "Criminal Minds", which has taken a turn through LeCarré's turf... This show is getting better episode by episode, nowthat the parent series Criminal Minds is winding down.

yolson (2011-07-04 04:35:12)

Whos Idea was this mess....

I gave it a chance but I dislike it more with every episode I see.Thecharacters are very irritating for the most part.I normally like Forestbut this character is hard to watch ..repeating the plot over & over asit unfolds is insulting to the viewers.We are not as dumb as the TVexecs that came up with this obviously are.I have had my fill ofJaneane Garofalo as well ..Why she keeps getting these parts is beyondme ..She is always unbelievable in the role no matter how many timesshe plays the same part.If you write an episode where you kill hercharacter off maybe I'll come back for that one but not much else couldbring me back to this trash ..It's an insult to the "Criminal Minds"franchise name IMO.

booklady331 (2011-07-04 00:11:58)

Janeane Garofalo -- drop her from the team

I was so excited when the viewers were first introduced to this newteam last season on Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows. Then thisyear Janeane Garofalo was added to the cast. She does NOTHING butdistract. She seems to have a bigger part than the other three teammembers, except for Forest. Her acting ability is poor to bad. Hercharacter seems to have an ax to grind. Adding her to the mix has upsetthe balance of the team. What was the casting director thinking?Putting in someone who is such a poor actress and a high politicalactivist in this part? My husband and I are serious considering that isis time to stop watching CM: Suspect Behavior.

ian_smith73-7-475431 (2011-07-03 15:47:36)

Zero chance of a second season

I was looking forward to this show for months, I assumed with ForrestWhitaker at the helm then the producers meant business and intended togive us a real alternative to criminal minds. How wrong i was !!!! Thisshow is at best mediocre, The casting is all wrong..In fact! Thecasting director should never work again. This show is bad beyond badand so disappointing. As great an actor as Forrest Whittaker is he isso unbelievable in this role, As for the rest of the cast , Why oh why???? This was a great opportunity for a show and they have not onlymessed it up then have messed it up beyond all realms of messing up. Ifthere is an award for the worst ever put together show then this showwould sweep the awards. I am so disappointed as i had so much hope andi even gave it a chance, The first couple of episodes were terrible buti thought it may get better! , I have now completed watching episode 5and i realise that its never going to get any better. In summary, Poorwriting and very poor casting = very poor show, Hell, They could add AlPacino and Sean Penn to the next episode and its never going to savethis dead duck. What a waste!!! Shame on the People responsible.

JLGomezFL (2011-07-02 19:52:37)

To Much Drama

Im about to take it off my recordings list for my recorder. Whitaker'scharacter is so over the top it gets annoying. Hes over acting and justadds to much drama to the character. Just plain annoying. The othercharacters don't click together at all the show is just not believable.Im going to give one more week. I've already watched 4 episodes and Iregret watching it every time. One more week. Im about to take it offmy recordings list for my recorder. Whitaker's character is so over thetop it gets annoying. Hes over acting and just adds to much drama tothe character. Just plain annoying. The other characters don't clicktogether at all the show is just not believable. Im going to give onemore week. I've already watched 4 episodes and I regret watching itevery time. One more week.

paddy0192 (2011-07-02 13:28:02)

Not a bad start

I liked it ... If you watch the pilot and first season of L&O SVU,which is also a spin off show, it was very poor. But the producersidentified what (and who) worked and what didn't and by the secondseason fixed it and most people would now say that the show is betterthan the original. It's always the case with spin off shows, they arevery difficult to get off the ground because people can't let go of theoriginal and are reluctant to accept and get comfortable with newcharacters in the world, created by the "mother ship". Even in theoriginal show new characters are hard to integrate when they are thereplacement of a former character when Rachel Nichols came in to fillA.J Cook's position she wasn't greeted with open arms by the shows fanbase even though she is a great actress and plays her role very well.But after one episode of CM:SB I would say there is room forimprovement but on the whole, if you can forget about Hotch, Reid andthe rest of th BAU and try to view it as just another drama series thenyou'll enjoy it a lot more.

elfy-wonder (2011-07-01 19:38:23)

A Slight Down

I agree with the previous poster - the show was a let down. I have astandard policy that I'll give any new show at least 2 episodes to drawme in before axing it so I will give CM: Suspect Behavior one more gobut it failed to impress.

The opening voice over sets a precedent that I did not feel was met atall. Without trying to spoil too much for those that missed it, thereis a feel at the beginning that this team (and one we got when theyjoined up with our beloved BAU team) is somewhat of a 'black ops' teamfor the BAU and FBI in general. It explains their behavior very welland throws out something that's just a little different from the norm.That is what initially drew me to this show - the idea that this isabove and beyond what we get to see on the regular show.

And... it failed entirely. If it's a 'black ops' type situation thenthere needed to be something more than just a simple abduction. Why isthis scenario any different from what the other team does? And while Ilove and adore Kirsten Vangsness, I don't feel that she is a good fitfor this particular team; there's no connection with this group likeshe has with the others so it just seems forced. It's almost likethey're trying too hard to tie it in to the original.

I'm willing to give it one more shot but my hopes, sadly, have beendashed.

ridenslide65 (2011-07-01 03:28:40)

No thanks

Janeane Garafolo in any show is the death knell. She simply can't act.Forest Whitaker? Does he have more than one emotion? Was good in TheShield but is terribly boring here. This show is another attempt tospin off another very good show and falls short on so many levels. Doyourself a favor and skip it. While the show has a good premise, thereis little new here.

None of the characters "engages" you like a show of this type so badlyneeds. I couldn't care less about Garafolo and Whitaker's schtick isgetting old.

Look for something else to occupy your time. Like solitaire.

Kali Kartheiser(Arien_Kartheiser) (2011-06-30 15:35:56)


I was very prejudiced against this sow, and after watching an episodeI'm now sure I was right.

Characters that are not likable, that show a exaggerated intensity thatthe original show has not.

Whitaker is an inconsistent actor, and this role is one of the Lowones, he's the classic boss, way too bossy, A little bit a bully, thatsounds like he suffers of a chronic obstructive Lung disease, everyorder he gives is out of breath.

Garofalo, who should be at least twice as good as she is, seems alwaysangry and all other characters are washed out, just a bunch of shadowswith lame lines.

At first I thought it will over shadow first one/the original but thecharacters are not well developed, the stories are not strong orinteresting.

This is just a meek copy of a great Show, proof that Chemistry amongactors/characters is a rare thing that can't be imitated even withOscar Winners.

Spinkatz -- (2011-06-30 14:50:03)

Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior SUCKS

Forest Whitaker is by far the WORST actor in the world. Criminal Mindsis the BEST show on TV and now this spin off is absolutely atrociousnow that Whitaker is in the lead role. The Over Acting is ridiculousand kinda funny at times. What the F**K were they thinking when theycast him in the role. Stay on the big screen and leave the small screenfor the good actors! He makes me laugh though. While CM is supposed tobe a drama, it's comedy night at my house!

Lead by example and follow Jason Gideon! Once Forest is gone, the showmight be watchable. It's TOO BAD that they cast him as the lead role.This show is downright RIDICULOUS!

Leon Ducky (2011-06-29 21:20:36)

Only useful when you have trouble sleeping

Since the very first episode of Criminal Minds it has been my favoriteshow ever. So, like many others, I was excited to find out there was aspin-off of this excellent series. I have seen 5 episodes now of CM:SB, and I can say wholeheartedly that it is a major disappointment.

To start off: Forest Whitaker is a great actor, but this part doesn'tdo him justice at all. He can do so much better then this. To be frank:he seems high some of the times. I only know the other actors from somesmall roles in other movies, so I can't say much about their actingabilities, but their characters lack any kind of depth or honesty.Completely the opposite of CM-the original.

The voice-over at the beginning of every episode tells about a Red-Celldivision being some kind of an elite division of the BAU, but isn'tthat somewhat contradictory? Isn't the BAU already an elite division ofthe FBI? Well, if this is an elite division, how bad would the realdivision be? Luckily we know the answer to that, because the actualCriminal Minds series is so much better.

Even Kirstin Vangsness disappoints as Penelope Garcia. In the originalCM she is a shy, innocent and modest person, while in this spin-off sheis downright cocky and lacks the emotions we all have gotten used toand love in the original series. And why even put her in the show inthe first place? This implies that, while she sometimes travels withthe team of the original CM, she has so much time on her hands that shecan assist another team. Watching the original show she simply doesn'thave time for that. Therefor it's only natural that her contributionsto CM:SB seems fabricated and unnatural.

As said I have watched 5 episodes now, and the plots are completelyunbelievable. I especially disliked the episode about the sniper(fourth episode).


About 30-32 minutes into the episode character Mark assembles hissniper gun and loads it. When you watch the playback carefully you seea slug coming out at the moment he loads his gun. What's that about? Heputs in the magazine and to put a round into the chamber of the gun(which is ridiculous anyway, because you only load your gun at the lastmoment before shooting; it's a sniper gun, remember?) he holds back thehandle to make the gun ready for action. At that moment there shouldn'tbe a slug exiting the gun because THE GUN WAS ASSEMBLED AT THE SPOT andso it was unloaded. A slug exiting the gun implies that the gun wasalready loaded to begin with, which is unsafe and unwise for awell-trained sniper as he pretends to be.

Then about 35-36 minutes into the show a guy gets shot just outside ofthe memorial center. He isn't dead, so the pretty blond agent (I don'teven bother to remember her name) runs out to drag him to safety. Thispart is particularly unbelievable. She is trying to be a hero, butactually she is being very stupid. Snipers often injure people to lureenemies out, simply so they can shoot them too. An agent of an elitedivision (of the BAU no less) should know that. And not only does shemanage to drag the wounded guy to safety, the enemy-sniper (who earlierin the episode manages to kill two people with two shots fired withonly a second in between the shots) misses! And why does he miss? Well,he misses because Red-Cell sniper Mark (who is said to be one of thebest) jumps up from his spot opposite of the enemy-snipers building andyells out, presumable to draw fire. I don't know if he had a death wishat that moment, but he should have been killed with a nice clean headshot only seconds after he jumped up. But of course that doesn't happeneither. Instead he points his sniper gun at the location of theenemy-sniper. But people, look at is position: he stands totally in theopen, in broad daylight and at a downward angle from the enemy-sniper.Again: does he have a death wish? I can go on and on about other big,big mistakes in both this and other episodes, but I think you catch mydrift. I will no longer watch this series. I simply get infuriated toomuch: how dumb do they think we are? Or maybe I will record some of theepisodes. You know, in case I can't sleep at night.

pasnthru-850-101794 (2011-06-29 06:11:50)

Disappointing to say the least

I'm not sure why they made this show. There really isn't anything thatI can see to distinguish their purpose from the original. Are therereally red cells in the FBI? Is this sort of Delta Force BAU? A RapidDeployment BAU? Huh? Whitaker has done and can do much better than thejob he does here. At times he seems totally disinterested. At othertimes he just looks like a slob.

Garofalo just looks like an angry toad and really can't act.

Why is there an Irish (I guess Matt Ryan is Welsh) guy on the team?Hearing the accent is disorienting. I assume there is no reason anaturalized citizen couldn't be in the FBI but it seems out of place.

Beau Garrett seems to be largely eye candy - I'm not opposed to thatbut she doesn't seem to have much of a role.

I know that it's trying to find it's feet. Whitaker gives the show somehope since he can be quite a good actor but there doesn't seem to muchof a reason for this to exist next to the original.

Vkvalen1 (2011-06-29 02:08:51)

Garofalo must Go

Suspect Behavior it a great take on the criminal minds franchiseoffering a unique perspective on the cases. I also love that Garcia isin both series. I really like Forrest Whitaker and the othercharacters/actors are good and can really grow in their parts, howeverGarofalo stopped growing at 4'3 and would not fool anyone as a FBIagent. The acting is also terrible and so robotic that we could have anAvatar do her part (that could be 6 foot tall!) For the show to succeedand be truly realistic, as you are trying to match the very successfulCriminal Minds, you need credible looking and acting people. Garofalois neither.

Stian (2011-06-28 10:55:24)

Stop comparing it to Criminal Minds while watching, and it will be okay (but not good)

Most people probably dislike the show because they were expected,basically a Criminal Minds, from this point shortened to CM, clone, andno, that is not what you are getting or should expect.

The show have after 3 episodes done a bad job at making you bond withthe characters, it's almost like they expected you to have seen theepisodes of CM where these people appeared, and then assumes that theydon't have to give you a better insight.

In difference from CM, these people don't seem to make much of aprofile, they seem more obsessed with finding small hints, that otherhave overseen. Only the main character seems to have some insight inthe minds of the criminals, since he try to place himself in theirshoes, and understand why they did what they did.

However it isn't all bad, the criminals are somewhat interesting, aswell as their crimes, and there seem to be a element in the series thathave been poking my mind, but I have yet to put the finger on, whichmight make it better with time as one get used to that element(assuming it exists, and my mind aren't tricking me). Currently thisseems to be all it is living on, but I am willing to give it thebenefit of the doubt(for now), but it really do help to not think of itas an attempt to clone CM, and stop comparing it to CM.

Will not recommend it, at least not in it's current form.

Frost3713 (2011-06-27 18:35:09)

Not understanding the hatred......

Personally, I find the show quite good. I do have a few issues,however. Forest Whitaker is a wonderful actor, but not as a lead rolein a television series. He's extremely distracting - and it's notbecause of the eye. It's his voice. He constantly sounds like he's outof breath...ran a marathon to get to the scene. His sentence structureis also annoying. He pauses in odd places and the whole dialog soundsforced. I was excited when I heard he was going to be on the show, butnow...he's just annoying! There's too much time spent on him and notthe rest of the team, which doesn't make a balanced show. I realizeit's early though, so hopefully, the characters will flesh out more aswe go along.

Secondly, Janeane Garofalo - I don't understand the hatred of the womanand the character. I personally love her. I think she's still trying tofind her feet with the character, but she's got the potential of beingquite amusing...of being the one person on the team who will just sayexactly what she thinks when she thinks it. I really like her and I'mwilling to give her a chance to settle in the role.

As for the rest of the team, I like all of them. I'd like to see moreabout Prophet's past - Michael Kelly makes Prophet such a quiet,interesting character. Beau Garret is perfect for the role of Gina -she's got that no nonsense look about her - hair stuffed in a ponytail,little makeup. She really sells Gina as the real deal.

And lastly, Matt Ryan as Mick Rawson. At first, I was put off because aBrit joining the FBI seemed like something created just for the show. Iadmit my ignorance in this matter - I didn't even know British citizenscould join the FBI...although maybe he's a naturalized citizen. I don'tknow, but I have to say I really, really, really like the character.He's cocky, cheeky and interesting. He's also gorgeous, which doesn'thurt. His accent isn't hard for me to understand, but I've heard lotsof Irish, Scottish and British. So, Mick is a nice all around packagefor me.

Poor Garcia...she just seems like a fill in...she's there so theviewers have someone they know and love and the producers knew thatthose fans will follow her to a new show. I'd like to see her actuallyinteract with the team, not just via communication equipment.

So, I give the show an 7 out of 10 and hope that it just keeps gettingbetter and better. Thanks for listening!!


Ehfaz Nowman (2011-06-27 12:41:19)

Not so much of a "Criminal Minds"

I am a huge fan of the original show 'Criminal Minds'. I am drawn tothat show because its not like any other FBI shows out there (and thereare a lot of FBI shows out there), its different and it breaks thenorm. What I felt for that show is not at all what I feel for CriminalMinds: Suspect Behavior.

The show tries to appeal to its audiences with its funkiness. Maybe asany other FBI show but under the banner of Criminal Minds this showfails completely. There is no "criminal mind' about it. There is nogoing inside the offenders' head reveling their dark behaviors, theshow does not get inside the head of criminals and show the audiencetheir side of the story which is after all what the show is supposed tobe. We do not see the agents digging deep inside the psychopathic mindsof the criminals in order to figure out their next behavior.

All in all, I am disappointed.

ppiper-979-128270 (2011-06-26 18:53:18)

Dumbed down version of Criminal Minds

Seeing the first episode was really a major disappointment. The Role ofJonathan (Michael Kelly)telegraphs the ending "drama" in such apredictable manner that I nearly have to say this review is a spoiler.It seems like all of the characters lack real emotional commitment andare basic stereotypes. The first episode of this series does not haveeither the layers of complexity or commitment of Criminal minds. Thisseemed to be a "buddy" show. Forest Whitaker can find and play farbetter roles than this. Don't watch it, it's a complete waste of time.Although not all of the character have been properly introduced in thefirst episode it does not appear to have the makings of a good show.

knorkus (2011-06-26 11:49:12)

It has a ton of potential, people just need to see that.

The mind of the Serial Killer is a complicated one. And we cannotforget that this is what these shows are about. While Criminal Minds isprobably one of the most intriguing and well organized series outthere, we have to remember way back to the first couple of episodes.

I've done some soul searching as of late and have re-watched the firstcouple episodes of the first season of Criminal Minds. I've come to theconclusion that while the subject matter of Criminal Minds wasinteresting, I was just thrown into the characters in the first season.I knew little to nothing about them, but slowly, I was given littlebits and pieces. And then we got the second season and BAM, there werethe characters we care so much about now.

With this being said, Suspect Behavior has aired a grand total of 9episodes. How can so many people come to hate a TV show so much in 9episodes? And I can tell you why. It's because Suspect Behavior is notthe original. And you know what, I'm completely fine with that. I wanta change in scenery every once and a while, and Suspect Behavior hasdifferent characters that tackle the same subject matter. And that'scool.

So I'll be honest with you. Forest Whitaker as Unit Chief Sam Cooperfreaked me out at first. I couldn't watch him on screen. But as timewent by, the producers/writers toned him down a bit and figured out howto film him. And I've come to actually like Sam Cooper. He seems to melike the father of a very diverse family, and there is this air ofmystery about him, about how his team seems to respect him greatlywithout much proof of why. And I kind of like not knowing. So who caresabout his eye? I think it gives him more character, makes him seem moreoff kilter.

Apparently Janeane Garofalo is not liked by many. Personally, I don'tcare what an actor has done in the past. I just focus on what theybring to the character they're playing now. But we love, and I meanLOVE, judging and stereotyping actors on their previous roles. Example:Daniel Radcliff will always be Harry Potter.

But regardless of what Garofalo has done in the past I love theemotional depth that she brings to SSA Beth Griffith. There is thisstrong woman who has been kicked off one to many teams because of herstubborn personality. Her unwillingness to not be heard. But there isalso this woman who knows that she is alone in the world. And knowingthat, yet still functioning, is such a bittersweet tragedy. The lastmoments of 'Jane' were truly sad ones.

I have not had much experience with Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, and BeauGarrett, and that's the way I like it.

First off, Matt Ryan as the ex-British Special Forces sniper turned SSAMick Rawson brings experience to the team. He is the tactical expert.The typical arrogant man who is good at his job. But Mick is different.While being fully aware that he is an excellent sniper, he hates whatthat categorizes him as. He does not want to be alone for the rest ofhis life, and there's a vulnerability buried deep down.

I don't know where to put Michael Kelly as SSA John "Prophet" Simms.While his is an interesting background, he seemed to go through acharacter shift from the back door pilot/first episode to the others.He seems less angry at the world and more composed. And while alldescriptions of his character lead him to be a religious man, we havenot seen to much of that proved besides with his nick name. So I hopethere is an episode down the road that will focus on that, because Ithink it has potential.

Then we are brought to Beau Garrett as SSA Gina LaSalle, who is quitepossibly the most believable character on this show. Her area ofexpertise is the actual behavior of people, which is kind of ironicbecause all of the characters have to be good at this, but she seems tohave an extra edge, especially when it comes to families. Which bringsme to think that she had a broken family/childhood. There are alwaysthese long stares at the children of victims that has so much longingit makes me kind of sad. But that's about all that we know about her.Which is driving me insane. So you hear that producers! Give me moreGina LaSalle please! So all in all, there is a good solid structure fora decent show. The characters aren't too developed yet, but that'sbecause they're only a couple episodes in. And I think Suspect behaviorhas done it's job because I want to know more. They've stirred thecuriosity in me. And as a freshman show, that's what you want to do.

jonmccann (2011-06-25 15:44:37)

Soooo Disappointing

Before I get into my gung ho mode....Let me just say that I have waiteda few episodes before providing this review, for the only reason that Ibelieve a new TV show needs a chance to 'shine'! Unfortunately, I haveseen shinier dog sh@ts when compared to this TV series, and I reallycant understand why its gone so wrong. It has two (at least) greatactors playing big roles, and some big story lines, but in both casesthey don't deliver.

In the last example, we have the case of a killer, killing peoplebecause he wants to scalp their face to 'fix' his daughter who has beendisfigured. Now aside from the fact we find out in the last 10 minuteswhy he's doing this, which for me is a major part of a plot, the startis totally unbelievable, I don't want to spoil it, but I will statethat a war veteran, used to outdoor terrain in major conflictedcountries is apprehended by this murderer......When the final plotunfolds, do as I did and ask yourself, how does that happen?!? Thataside, why does a 'red team' get involved in serial killings that wouldnormally be investigated by the 'Criminal Minds' team?? Im lost withthis series, not because I don't understand 'criminal minds', because Ido (I am in fact a psychologist!), im lost because the writers have noidea what they're doing and seem to think the most ridiculous of plotlines can be forgotten by a lovely ending!!! For me, this feels like anattempt to make money out of a franchise, which I get, but in thiscase, don't agree with.

I have now decided to give up on this series, because it makes me thinkbad of criminal minds, which is still fantastic and still pulling ingreat plots/stories.....I only wish they had a crossover and the wholeof suspect behaviour are killed off because they are serial killingagents, that might make me watch an episode, though only because myfave actors from CM are in it!!! Do yourself a favour, don't watch thisseries unless you want a channel hopping show to pass the time!!!

fiberman38 (2011-06-25 08:56:03)

complete crap WOW - 10

wow does this show miss the mark! Whiticur is got 2 go his movies r badand so is this.Needs 2 b more like the original that show is great alli can say is replace most of the cast!!!!!! the acting is awful gave 1star because i couldn't give it 0 or -10 . How hard can it be to copiethe original with a few changes to make it its own like ncis la theypulled that off nice.The concept is good a spin off i like that i wouldwatch it but they have to scrap what they got and start over.The mainman looks like he had a stroke and while your at it fire a few writerstoo plots are weak.I don't know what more i can say the show wont makeit to bad you all need to step up and give a better effort .

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