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Download, Watch online Your Highness (HQ) Movie.

Your Highness (HQ)
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Rasmus Hardiker
Charles Dance
Justin Theroux
James Franco
Toby Jones
Zooey Deschanel
Damian Lewis
Director(s): David Gordon Green
IMDB Rating:6 out of 10 (6972 votes)

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Your Highness (HQ) (iPod) Resolution: 480x320 px Total Size: 323 Mb
Your Highness (HQ) (DivX) Resolution: 720x480 px Total Size: 1239 Mb


Plot Summary:

Throughout history, tales of chivalry have burnished the legends of brave, handsome knights who rescue fair damsels, slay dragons and conquer evil. But behind many a hero is a good-for-nothing younger brother trying just to stay out of the way of those dragons, evil and trouble in general. Danny McBride and James Franco team up for an epic comedy adventure set in a fantastical world-Your Highness. As two princes on a daring mission to save their land, they must rescue the heir apparents fiance before their kingdom is destroyed. Thadeous (McBride) has spent his life watching his perfect older brother Fabious (Franco) embark upon valiant journeys and win the hearts of his people. Tired of being passed over for adventure, adoration and the throne, hes settled for a life of wizards weed, hard booze and easy maidens. But when Fabious bride-to-be, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), gets kidnapped by the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux)...

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Visitors Review

steve_ford53 (2011-06-24 15:31:12)


A fantasy tale of royalty, knights, damsels in distress and all thatgoes along with this well worn theme.

Danny McBride who co-wrote the screenplay stars as Prince Thadeous, thevulgar brother of Prince Fabious (James Franco), who is the favorite ofthe King and who seems to do everything right. Fabious' love interest,Belladonna (Zooey Deschenal), recently rescued by Fabious from theclutches of the evil Leezar (Justin Theroux), is re-captured by thesame. Fabious sets out on a quest to rescue Belladonna and enlists theaid of Thadeous and his squire Courtney (Rasmus Hardiker). Along theway they are betrayed by some close to them, encounter evil forestdwellers and meet Isabel (Natalie Portman) who becomes an importantally.

There are a few laughs - emphasis on a few - and many vulgar jokes thatreally serve no purpose to the overall story. The only saving grace tothe movie was much of the scenery during their travels is very majesticand beautiful, I enjoyed the soundtrack and James Franco and NataliePortman do, as usual, a good job in their roles.

If for some reason you want to waste the price of a ticket and don'tneed any dental work...go ahead and see this one.

J_kotowicz (2011-06-24 01:15:37)


What can be said about something so wondrously delivered? Crass butwitty, Your Highness is hilarious! From start to finish, it isentertaining, absorbing and refreshing. And further more it doesn'ttake the weird route most Comedies take now, with some super seriousmoment or trying to teach a lesson. It's funny from point A, to PointB, period. It is a comedy, it sells as a comedy and doesn't attempt todecipher the world in any way. It's D&D for the big screen. Dragons,wizards, kingdoms and two moons. It's a complete relaxing break fromthe Real world.

I had my skepticism, most movies have been underwhelming as of late,but Your Highness never let's you down. It never disappoints. Finally,a sincerely funny slapstick Film.

Ten stars, Danny McBride, Ten stars!

Sam Crenshaw (2011-06-23 19:38:33)

Supremely Dissapoinnted

I had really high expectations for this film. The cast looked great andI was expecting a movie in the spirit of Mel Brooks. Even during theopening credits I was fully expecting something like "Robin Hood: Menin Tights". This movie is not that. "Your Highness" was awful. I spentmost of the time asking myself "What the hell is happening?". Anyreferences to pop culture and other movies (there were few), were notblatant enough to seem intentional and though I usually enjoy crudehumour, it was unfunny and did not at all improve the film. The accents(I assume, meant to be funny) came across as forced and not satirical.The only saving grace is that this movie is supposed to take place inanother world. I really wanted to like this movie! AWFUL

Robert Frazier(matrim-cauthon-1) (2011-06-23 12:33:27)

Middle earth giving you the middle finger.

I would have to say "your highness" isn't very witty or sly. Its verystraightforward comedy is similar to titles like "Year one" or anythingfrom Mike Meyers. a lot of humor where most people stay in character,but the main characters will occasionally break out into modern daycussing fits, much like "year one". I really fought about 50/50 withthis movie, where half the time i'm laughing and the other halfgroaning. Role player geeks will like it overall just with the fantasylandscape and sexual references.

The acting is well done, with quite a few veteran actors taking centerstage. Danny McBride was very amusing in Tropic Thunder, and was a goodchoice for Thaddeus; a spoiled, lazy prince.

Natalie of course is good in everything, whether toppling governmentsin schoolgirl outfits or slamming SNL actors with breakable furniture.She obviously has a good sense of humor and no pretentiousness as shewill take roles from slapstick to serious.

James Franco did nicely too. He acted very well but has a verydistinctive face. kind of made the long flowing hair seem a bit out ofplace. But i can see him getting into some serious mafia or cop roleslater with a serious punam like that.

The one surprising point on this movie was the effects. For a riskyslapstick movie, they poured decent effects into this movie, and thesets and backdrops were colorful and thought out. The creatures werecool and fun. Not sure if they did the wrap around green screen but itdefinitely has the feeling of a full feature film, not some cheapindie.

All in, i would say this could be a cult movie later due to some choicescenes and acting, but we will probably watch it hit the $9.99 or lessbins really fast. Not a must have, but definitely something sitting onthe shelf next to Lord of the rings when everyone wants to seesomething funny.

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