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Download, Watch online Insidious Movie.

Genres: Thriller
Actors: Lin Shaye
Patrick Wilson
Rose Byrne
Barbara Hershey
J. LaRose
Ty Simpkins
Angus Sampson
Director(s): James Wan
IMDB Rating:6.9 out of 10 (25362 votes)

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Plot Summary:

A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

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Visitors Review

M. O. (2011-07-30 21:44:27)

Cheap, cheesy, disappointing.

Insidious could have been a great horror film. Everything happens verywell in the movie from the beginning to its half. The main characterdoesn't take long to realize that her house is haunted, her husbandtries not to believe it although he knows that something wrong ishappening. Very obvious things happen, but are treated as "obvious" andnot always as a "cliché" and that was interesting because thecharacters discover what is happening and do what must be done to findsolutions instead of dying one by one or keep the whole moviediscussing with the Catholic Church. But when complex explanationsstart to appear justifying the mysteries, all the good qualitiesexpressed earlier in the movie are brought to the drain. The film thenturns into a B horror movie with infant arguments for a subject thatcould have been very interesting if well developed. The makeup is morelaughable than frightening. If fresh makeup was supposed to befrighting, for sure Insidious would be a blast! I was very curiousabout this movie, it took a lot of my attention in the beginning but inthe end I was regretting seen it because its disappointing.

AliAkbar01 (2011-07-30 02:28:29)

Scary, gripping and fascinating.

Insidious is not a ''cheap'' horror flick without sense and meaning.Insidious might be the scariest movie since Paranormal Activity.Insidious challenges your mind, mess up with every single doubts andfears. The story is well written by horror master James Wan. When Josh(Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) move with their three kids intheir new home they are pleased. But when books are falling from theirstands and strange sounds are heard, Renai fears it's herhallucination. The situation gets tricky when Dalton, their son gets ina sort of coma after an incident. Desperate they seeks help from Josh'smother but they will soon know that it's not the house that is haunted? Overall Insidious is really satisfying and gratifying for a horrormovie, maybe on of the best since a long time.

Arbee (2011-07-29 17:38:55)

I usually think low voters are just there to bash anything but...

I regret to say this time I was totally wrong. The movie starts fineand that's why I give it 3 stars. The beginning is quite similar toParanormal Activity coupled with a quite saddening family drama. If Ihad to judge from the first 20-25 minutes, this was going to be a greathorror movie. The potential is very promising.

Sadly that's where things end being any good. The story turns into acheap fest of loud noises to try and scare people with the BANG!!!since they cannot scare people with the images and story. The ghostsare laughable, and I mean it literally, you DO laugh when you see them.Special mention to Darth Maul, who is depicted as a quite harmlesscharacter which can at most crawl at your back and say 'boo!'. Hedoesn't feel like a threat and his physical appearance is plain lame.

Special mention in the comedy section to the ghostbuster couple and themedium and her gas mask.

Regarding the reviews, for once, as I said in the title, I have toadmit I agree with people giving it a very low score. They are not justbeing douches and scoring it low to feel special. It is really thatbad. People giving it high scores... I can admit a certain % of thepopulation liking it, if they are easily scared and watch it for a doseof seat jumps... but the amount of high scores is so big I can't butfeel a bit suspicious about the source of those reviews. Consideringthere is little to no control to check if reviews are legit or justspammed by advertisers, in this case it seems quite obvious to mesomething sneaky is going on.

In a word, the movie is _bad_. Very bad. Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 arelight years ahead of this movie.

amosduncan_2000 (2011-07-29 09:05:19)

Passable time waster

I was about to give up on "Insidious," then there was a rather creativesequence about halfway through that carried me to the end of the movie,weak as it was.

I guess it's quaint to suggest a horror film should have any kind ofmodestly believable back story that gives some credibility to theevents; nowadays you just turn up the volume and have the cast startscreaming. It may be past the stage, however, where we should CREDITthe movie makers for not thinking up any real story.

This is a family values scare flick, so we don't get any nudity orthreatening sexuality. The male lead had a part in the classy studioflick "Little Children" a few years back but I guess he's still waitingon another one. Barbara Hershey is the "Baby Jane" veteran starslumming in the nonsense. You get a typical shocker ending, that'sshocking because it totally contradicts what the movie maker just toldyou happened. Funny, such things aren't very shocking anymore!

Comic relief guys are not funny but the spook hunter lady was likablynon-actorish, like a substitute teacher who somehow wondered onto theset. There is a certain silly, spook house quality to the movie that iskind of likable. The use of the late Tiny Tim's novelty hit "Tiptoethrough the Tulips" is kind of funny. Tiny Tim was scarier, though,then anything in this movie.

feathers7676 (2011-07-28 19:28:32)

Very disappointing!

Having read some of the positive reviews here I thought this moviewould be scary. I kind of had a bad feeling though as the openingcredits rolled (but I stuck with it). The moment the ghost boy starteddancing it became apparent this movie was trying very hard to be scarybut FAILING in a big way. It went downhill from there really.

A 50's biker ghost with gelled black hair, a phantom menace style redface painted demon, and later we had what seemed to be an attempt toimitate Stanley Kubrick's SHINING style by introducing a scene where afew 1930's era ghosts sit on a couch and another ghost stood besidethem with an ironing board (ghostly whistling could be heard but nolips were moving). This scene was supposed to be really scary butfailed because it looked so out of place and the ghost makeup was justplain bad (the creepy smiles on the faces of the ghosts were just plainsad).

A previous reviewer stated that the acting was superb... I suspect thatperson was either a friend of the director or had exceptionally lowexpectations. The acting right from early on struck me as beingsomewhat inept. The characters were poorly developed and you didn'treally engage with them emotionally. You didn't know enough about thisfamily to really care one way or the other.

When the ghost hunters were introduced, it became clear this moviedidn't know exactly what it wanted to be (serious ghost movie orfarcical comedy?) You see the ghost hunters were intended to bringcomedy relief into what was supposedly an otherwise 'scary' movie. Thisfailed because these two nerdy investigators were also lacking indecent script lines.

The attempts at humour from the two techie ghost-hunter nerds failed asdismally as the movie did to scare.

I would class this as D-movie (it falls way below the level ofcompetence needed to create a B-movie). The 'D' represents Dismal.

My advice to you would be to ignore any favourable reviews and givethis movie a miss. Unless of course you like watching D-movies? I canrecommend a much better low budget horror: Death of a Ghost Hunter (theend scene in particular kind of sticks with you and makes you reflect).

If you want truly scary horrors then look to the Asian ones likeSHUTTER (not the American remake).

laskabom (2011-07-28 06:27:39)

Over-hyped (Contains spoilers)

This is my first movie review ever, and I felt i had to write this toexpress how severely over-hyped this movie is.

The movie starts out much the same way as the movie ParanormalActivity, a family in a house doing regular things. After a while, someweird stuff starts to happen, and one of their kids have an accident.So far so good. Then the kid falls into a coma. This is where the moviestarts to go in the wrong direction. Two nerdy looking guys come in tothe house with some instruments to take measurements of whats going on.To me it seemed like these two guys should really have played in somenerdy comedy, and not a (intented) horror movie. However, they call inreinforcements - an old lady who figures out that the kid is reallyskilled in astral projection, and the problem is that he has floatedaway and got lost in the astral realm. After this, all sorts of reallysilly looking ghosts and demons start showing up, especially the onewith a red face. To resolve this, the father astral projection as wellto look for his son, fist-fighting his way trough ghosts and demons.

When I look back at what I have written here, it seems like a reallyfunny concept - material for a humor/horror movie. However, it's not.It tries to be convincing, but instead it becomes embarrassing,annoying and completely unconvincing with its mixture of new-ageelements, drama and fist-fights with demons and ghosts.

collipal-1 (2011-07-28 00:37:43)

A very good horror film

Insidious is a collaboration between director James Wan andscreenwriter Leigh Whannell, who are both mostly famous for being thecreators of the Saw saga, which left (for better or for worse) aninfluence on the horror cinema from the previous decade. Some peoplemight suppose that a new collaboration between Wan and Whannell willhave the same ingredients of blood, cruelty and violence which gavethem such a fame 7 years ago. However, they attempted to do somethingcompletely different with Insidious, and even though it might not betotally original, I consider it to be an intense and very entertaininghorror film which deserves a recommendation because of its tensedirection, solid performances and a "retro" atmosphere which evokes thecinema from the 70's, without losing a contemporary identity.

If we omitted some details and the name from the characters, a plotsynopsis of Insidious could describe almost any haunted house film madeduring the last 3 decades. In other words, Insidious is an amalgam ofimages, scenes and concepts taken from Poltergeist, both versions ofThe Amytiville Horror, both versions of House on Haunted Hill, TheUninvited and Paranormal Activity, seasoned with an atmosphere of adomestic melancholy which reminded me of Don't Look Now, The Changelingand other serious horror films from the 70's and early '80s. And Icould go on and on comparing Insidious to other movies, and pointingout the similarities, imitations and even tributes which bring thestory to shape. However, that would be like describing a meal onlymentioning the elements it contains. Fortunately, Insidious is morethan the sum of its parts, thanks to its perfect direction, wellstructured screenplay and the force from the performances, which aresolemn when they should and with the slightest humorous wink when theyrequire so in order to make us accomplices of the horror. In summary, adish composed by leftovers which conceals its lack of freshness withgood tastes, textures and shocks (I think that this last one does notfit into the gastronomical analogy).

As any good ghost movie, Insidious advances without any hurry,gradually tightening the gears from the suspense until we feel paranoidwith every sound or movement which comes from the screen. And like inmany of these stories, there is also a personal drama which emphasizesthe characters' anguish when they face "the unknown" and notice thatthe world is much stranger and more threatening than they imagined.Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson credibly express their characters'emotions, and their reactions feel totally natural. And Lin Shayeinterprets a character which respects her not only as a veteran of thefantastic genre, but also as a talented (but unfortunately underrated)actress.

Of all the films I mentioned on the second paragraph, Poltergeist isthe one closest in structure and subjects to Insidious. However, at thedifference of that classic, this time the special effects are reducedto the minimum, with very few instances of digital tricks and arefreshing variety of effects obtained on camera, or with traditionalmethods of make-up and edition. That visual minimalism emphasizes theimportance of the suspense and the atmosphere to cause terror.

So, it might not be a great film, but I liked Insidious pretty much,and I recommend it either if you are a fan of the horror genre or ifyou are a casual spectator who is bored of the hollow gore and digitalghosts we usually see nowadays in this genre.

sanmansp (2011-07-27 03:20:09)

best horror movie since paranormal activity 1

its been a long time after paranormal activity that a horror movie hasdone it again...scare the socks right off your feet, so tie ur shoelaces on this one. First impressions are the budget of the movie andfeel they give....complete opposites....for such a shoes string budgetthey got the real money's worth in the output. It has the paranormalactivity+Poltergeist combo without the regular Hollywood treatment ofcheesy camera work and dialog....its fresh and good back to basichorror. The leads are convincing, we can immediately step into theirshoes.....3rd footwear reference...not intentional...its just the flow.What is really good - the chill-thrill, music, camera work and focus onmain story, no deviation. Watch out for hidden stuff allover the movie,clues...and references and any sneaky stuff that moves. Was it timewell spent experiencing something slightly different ? yes. memorableunique scenes ? yes. Is it iconic ? maybe not.

greiner3 (2011-07-26 23:55:15)

And I thought Tiny Tim was scary BEFORE this movie.

The summary pretty much sums up my thoughts on this remake of so manyof the similar genre that have come before this;

Poltergiest was both funnier and scarier. It's lead actors had a muchbetter presence than these two and where is the movie making 'they'rehere!' line. Even the remake, a dud, was worth seeing when comparedwith this entry.

Rosemary's Baby had a more believable premise than 'astral projection.'

Even some of the bad, and there are more in this category than good,Stephen King film adaptations have better acting, scripts and plottwists.

I am of the firm belief that the entire genre, horror movies, needs adisclaimer 'DANGER junk science within.' For sheer schlockentertainment and a way to kill an hour and a half you could do worsebut as a way to win your date's heart and more you might do well tolisten to her advice and go to that romantic comedy she suggested.

Tyler Waite (2011-07-26 11:04:08)

Just when you think the horror genre is dead out comes Insidious

James Wan (Saw) and Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) the two peoplebehind two of the most popular horror franchises in recent yearsdeliver a surprising and terrifying movie in an almost dead genre.

A family movie into their new house and begins to think it's hauntedwhen their son is put into a coma, parents Josh and Renai struggle touncover the root of these strange happenings and the stress of thesituation begins to take a toll on them as they realize that they aredealing with powers beyond human comprehension.

The plot is your run of the mill haunted house story but it's adifferent take on it, as they soon find out that it's not actually thehouse that's haunted.

Rose Byrne plays the caring mother who will do whatever it takes to gether son back and find the root of evil and Patrick Wilson is the fatherwho doesn't really believe what his wife is saying about the house andjust wants things back to to the way they were.

The acting is solid especially Byrne and Wilson who are always good andI really liked the different take on the haunted house story but thebest part of the movie is just how terrifying it is, I was on the edgeof my seat all the way through well apart from a few times where Ijumped out of my seat scared to death, the movie left me withnightmares. I highly recommend this to people looking for a good scarethat will leave you thinking about it for a couple of days or if youreasily scared like me a couple of weeks.

jtye20 (2011-07-25 18:20:16)

Scary Ghost Story

This was a a solid horror movie its refreshing to see a good horrormovie with all the crap they release today. there's not much to sayabout this with out giving anything away . but the story was a good oldfashioned horror story in vein of the exorcist the acting was real goodfor a horror movie, there are a lot of jump scares and a lot of weirdstuff happening through the movie . the only thing i hated was theending it was predictable but other than that a nice solid horror moviethat is a good watch for any horror fan. one of the best I've seen thisyear for horror films.good writing ,solid acting , good atmosphere andscary looking villain. defiantly recommended.

IheartCali5882 (2011-07-25 11:59:40)

Don't expect to be scared....Expect a good movie

Inisidious is not particularly scary, but let's be honest. 90% ofhorror films don't scare us anymore. If that's what it takes for you togive a thumbs up to a movie, then this won't be the movie for you.Nevertheless, it's well made and well acted. It's a simple retelling ofthe haunted house genre, that's not about the house. In this case, thehouse has some unwanted inhabitants because of this family's little boywho is being surrounded by evil deities. I won't go into theexplanation for why this is. One, because it's too cheesy to bebelieved, and two because it would take too long.

Aside from that, I still enjoyed the film. The entire movie consists ofBOO! moments. I admit I jumped several times, but towards the end Ibecame a little desensitized. What made Insidious work for me is twothings. Because I never knew what was going to pop out at any giventime, I was always on the edge of my seat. Second, Rose Byrne as themain character was believable and sympathetic. With a lesser actress, Iprobably wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much.

So you have-

Pros: Exceptional acting, good pacing, spooky atmosphere, good heroine,ending with a twist Cons: Those "jump" moments become repetitive,explanation for the haunting is kind of hokey and borderline ridiculous

Better than average, but becomes repetitive and predictable at times.6.5/10

bob_meg (2011-07-24 23:53:19)

Best haunted house film in years, just OK on the demonic possession front

There's a scene in "Star 80" where a hooker tells john Paul Schneider(Eric Roberts) why, despite his coarseness and unattractiveness, he'sgot to be her best lover. "Honey, you just plain...try harder," shelaughs. One could say the same about James Wan's films. Thoughsometimes falling a bit flat in their morass of fantastical elements ordissolving a bit too quickly in their frenetic camera-work, you can'tdeny the heart and energy he injects into his movies. It they'refailures, they're not from a lack of trying.

While "Insidious" is most definitely not a failure --- it's actuallythe creepiest haunted house movie I've seen in maybe thirty years ---it suffers from the More is Too Much curse of much modern horror, atleast in the demonic possession realm.

What keeps it going, and ultimately wins us over, is the acting and thebrilliant casting choices. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are usuallygood in whatever they do, but they're spot on here as a clueless couplewhose son falls victim to a mysterious coma (or so they think). Intrying to find some solution to not only their son's sinister "illness"and to the havoc that plagues not one, but two, houses they attempt tostart a life in, they bring in ghost hunter Lin Shaye and her twoassistants, one played by Wan partner and (once again) screenwriterLeigh Whanell. Shay is exceptional and Barbara Hershey continues herrun of good, believable supporting work since "Black Swan."

Wan's pacing and shot set-ups are craftily constructed, devilishlyexecuted, and the use of the discordant piano chords ("Black Christmas"anyone?) is surprisingly effective. The problems come when the demonsget a bit too "visible" and therefore lose a lot of their shock value.There's a bit toward the end, however, where several wax-lookingfigures pop up that makes you rethink that rationale...there'ssomething in this sequence that's creepy in the extreme, but it doesn'tlast long.

The demonic possession aspect of the film was an unfortunate combo ofchestnuts I've heard before, and an overly complex explanation...itdidn't do much for me and explained too much about too little. I'd havebeen more curious about the apparent homicides that seem to have takenplace in one of the houses, though this is never expounded upon.

Whatever the details prove out or don't, the overall effect of themovie is unsettling, and while I'd have preferred a bit moreatmospherics, what we get is still far and away better than the usualpappy crappy pablum of films like "The Haunting in Connecticut."

kluseba (2011-07-24 02:50:42)

Are you ready for a dark ride?

This movie is one of the most frightening movies I have ever seen.Before I start my review, let me suggest you to watch this flick in thecinemas or at least with a modern home cinema equipment to be capableto appreciate all the noisy sounds, creepy atmospheres and thebrilliant score. I might also warn you. This movie is nothing forpeople that easily have nightmares. You have to like the feeling ofgetting scared to watch this movie. I was almost crawling out of thecinema at the end of this dark ride because I had so many moments ofscary fears and I my heart pumped like a rattling machine gun but Imust admit that I somehow like this feeling and when I got out of thecinema this feeling got away and the film didn't haunt me or kept mefrom sleeping.

As you might already suppose, this film is not your usual horrorslasher or gore movie as it works much more with images and sounds.It's a supernatural movie about demons and ghosts but that won't stopyou from getting addicted from the bottom to the top to this intenseand dark movie. It starts all very slow just to get more and moreprofound and scary and to end with a big bang and a little twist.

This is a movie full of ups and downs. The sound rises, the cameramoves into a dark room and an actor opens a door or looks somewhere andyou expect something scary but nothing happens at all. You get used toit, the music slows down, the actors breathes and feels relieved whensuddenly a dark scheme appears and almost freaks him to death in amoment of relative tranquillity. That's what's so strong about thismovie. Even if you know what happens and what the strange things meanor look like, you never know when they appear, how they appear and whathappens next. This movie plays with wrong expectations, terrible fearsand emotions. I have rarely seen anything that was as scary as this.

My only reason to not give the top rating is that the general idea ofthe movie is nothing new and could have been even more original. Butthe rest is great from the camera works over the realistic acting tothe brilliant score. In times of "Saw 7" or "Scary Movie 4", this flickis a true relief. It helps to vote up the reputation of a genre thathas become too commercial, gore and ridiculous in the last few yearsand should get the status of a future classic. This movie might be therenaissance of a whole genre and is on one level with the scaryclassics from the seventies and eighties and unites the old and the newgeneration with its creepy approach. This is the first big cinematichighlight of the year 2011. Don't miss the chance to watch it.

Are you ready for a dark ride?

amschroe324 (2011-07-24 01:28:52)

give me a break

I only give Insidious 3 stars because the beginning of the movie showedpromise. This film was absolutely ridiculous. It was like the peoplefrom Paranormal Activity did the first 1/2 - which was pretty good,actually had quite beautiful lighting, and was kind of scary - and thepeople from Saw did the second 1/2, which was plain horrible. After theinitial scary parts in the beginning, the only thing that was scaryabout this film was the loud music and noises. The ghosts were sosilly-looking, and the demon was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Hehad some shiny facepaint on. It was sooooo silly. And, they used TinyTim's "Tulip" song as a creepy song??? Really? I mean, Tiny Tim iscreepy, but that song isn't. And when the father enters the demon's"lair" or whatever the hell it's supposed to be, it looks like the crewwent to Pier 1 and bought all of the cheesy, ugly Mediterranean decorthey could find and put it in there. And then the demon is dj-ing TinyTim and sharpening his nails with the kid chained up in front of thefireplace. Come on. If this was supposed to be funny, I wouldn't havecared so much, but this was communicated in a serious way! I couldn'tbelieve it. I knew the movie wasn't going to be great, but I didn'tthink it was going to be THAT bad. But at least I know how to laugh atbad movies and enjoy myself...or else I would have walked out.

movieexplosion (2011-07-23 09:43:39)

Scary as hell!!!

This is top quality horror. It creeps inside you and gives some seriousscares. When couple Josh(Patrick Wilson) & Renai(Rose Byrne) move intoa new house with their young children one of their sons has an accidentwhile exploring the attic. The next day he doesn't wake up and thedoctors are baffled by his brain activity which is not usual for acoma. Things in the house then start to turn very creepy....

The likable Wilson here is the family man back to playing the nice guywe saw in 'Lakeview Terrace' & 'Watchmen' as opposed to his comedicvillainous role in the recent 'A-Team'. Byrne here although playing aworn and stressed out mother still manages to look good anddemonstrates her range. Also impressed with Lin Shaye(Magda from'There's Something About Mary') playing it straight.

This is a highly originally and engrossing horror and definitely upthere with recent crowdpleasers like 'Drag Me To Hell' and 'ParanormalActivity'. See it at your peril...!

tommaa75 (2011-07-22 22:54:46)

a pure horror masterpiece ! will be remembered forever !

I've been a horror film for ages but I've never been that scared before! This film is like somebody collected all the best and scariest bitsof best horror movies that have been made so far and even those aren'tmade yet .The acting is very good and believable despite the fact thatthe actors are not Hollywood stars.You are not bored in the film evenfor one second .Yes , it does use ideas from other horror films made sofar but it only contributes to the film .The directors gave their bestto make the film and yet they made a masterpiece .For those who arehorror fans and not only this film will remain remembered. Anotherhorror masterpiece has been born .I don't think it's for people withweak hearts !Enjoy

Simone (2011-07-22 08:29:28)

One of the scariest things i have ever seen

This movie was absolutely amazing, I went to see it last night with myfriend, and it scared the living hell out of me. The guy with the redface kind of reminded me of that guy on star wars though.. and the boythat was dancing was really really creepy, but all i could do was laughat that part. I think the scariest part of the WHOLE movie, was the oldlady, i cant get that image out of my head..i don't know why, but itwas just so scary. The movie shouldn't be rated PG 13. It should belike, rated R.. Scariest movie ever. It probably wouldn't be so bad onlike a small TV, but seeing it on the big screen terrified me. LOL atone part, I punched myself in the face. Something scary happened, andmy arm flew up to cover my eyes, and i ended up hitting myself. Anyway,great movie. Waaay scarier than paranormal activity, when i saw thepreviews for this, it seemed like one of those movies, but it was SOmuch better. I'd definitely go see it again, and again, and again.Although i may have nightmares for the next few weeks. I'd recommend itto people of any age, as long as they can handle creepy faces, andscary pop out scenes. :)

astridgonzalez09 (2011-07-21 18:06:41)

I slept at night.

I thought it was kind of dumb and took the idea of people havingout-of- body experiences way out of proportion. I admit that at someparts I found my face inside my shirt, but I guess it wouldn't reallybe the plot that would scare you, it would be the images and the DarkMaul looking thing. I was really expecting to see a movie like"Paranormal Activity", and I thought to myself, "How the heck am Isupposed to sleep at night?" But I slept peacefully and didn't evengive it a second thought. It didn't really scare me, but what did scareme is the preview to "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark." I kind of wouldrecommend it, but at the same time I wouldn't.

Dannielle Meyer (2011-07-21 10:18:36)

over rated and a bit tacky for me.. :/

i have given this 5 out of 10 as the start of the movie i thought wasquite well done, i kept having to pause it and come back to it when ihad calmed down! (something i have to do for really scary parts!)

by the half way mark, for me it morphed into a really cheap 90s movie.i thought the music was a little too much at times.. the acting was OKbut i have seen better from these actors.. some things during the moviei, personally, found no explanation for, it just didn't seem to fit.maybe i expected too much out of it. maybe i am too fussy.. just wasn'twhat i had hoped so a bit of a let down for me.. :( i would say itsworth a watch if you have nothing better to do with your time. sorry,but this movie just wasn't for me..

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