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Download, Watch online Rango Movie.

Genres: Action
Actors: Timothy Olyphant
Ned Beatty
Alfred Molina
Johnny Depp
Isla Fisher
Stephen Root
Blake Clark
Director(s): Gore Verbinski
IMDB Rating:7.6 out of 10 (23034 votes)

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Plot Summary:

Rango is an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff.

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Visitors Review

judy (2011-07-02 19:35:37)

Kinda funny, but ultimately too slow to be enjoyable

Saw Rango tonight and I was really expecting a lot more than I got. Thefilm to me is not for kids and I know some others have said the samething. Too many of the funny parts would just go over their heads. Ialso agree with others that some of the characters are really scary andweird. I guess that was good for the filmmakers as it brought peopleend just to see what the movie was like. Ultimately though it waspredictable and really kind of slow. I found myself moving around in myseat hoping that it would be over soon. Johnny Depp voiced his usualrecent characterization and I have to be honest I getting a littletired of it. He'd better switch gears quick after the next piratescause I think everyone else is getting tired of it too. He needsanother movie like "From Hell" in which he was really good.

pegkaz45 (2011-07-02 09:13:38)

Not for children (or adults)

I had expected something dark and intelligent from the way in whichthis film was promoted. Instead, the vileness of most of thecharacters, the hapless hipness of "rango" and the stunning violencejust made me cringe. Typical gross effects for the folks who find thatamusing were scattered throughout and the asides that could have hadsubstance, had only pandering "cleverness". My suppositions, mostlybecause Johnny Depp was the "star", were trashed. I suppose some wouldfind merit in the creation of the characters - would that there hadbeen something to like. Rango's love interest was the only creaturewith any soul and what she found attractive in the bravado andineffectualness of that little lizard left me speechless.Disappointing, very bad movie. tsk tsk johnny. need more bucks??

wwetnafan_619 (2011-07-01 20:27:17)

A great animation worth watching again and again.

When I watched the trailer for Rango, it looked like another kidsanimation. But when I actually watched this movie in theaters, it was ahit with the adults, rather than the kids. Even I was a fan of themovie, after watching it. It was heartwarming, funny, and the actingwas top notch. Johnny Depp has stole the show once again. This may notbe Disney, but it is the best animation movie of the year. Theanimation is really top notch, and there seems to be no flaws in it.Overall, this movie is a really enjoyable movie to watch with familyand friends, just don't understand why kids think this was boring. Iwill give this movie full marks for it's acting and animation quality.

TheCinemaKing (2011-07-01 03:19:20)

Rango is a masterfully written western revival

Getting separated from his owners as they drive through the desert,aspiring thespian chameleon Rango finds himself in Dirt, a small "WildWest" town that is suffering from a drought that is suspected to becaused by a conspiracy. Knowing that he is a stranger in these parts,Rango creates himself an entire new life (including the name Rango)that makes him into a heroic outlaw and lands him as the town's newsheriff. With gritty and masterful writing, Rango comes to life ashomage to the classic western with themes and humor that play well withthe adult crowd, but of course featuring light-hearted slapstick styledmaterial to allow the younger viewers to have some fun. With greatanimation an entire ensemble of characters comes into existence beforeour eyes, using a new technique of "emotion capture" where the actorsactually performed each scene rather than standing in a studio justrecording their voices. Johnny Depp is so far gone into his charismaticyet insecure character of Rango, giving him a real heart and soul tocarry as the film's protagonist. Other characters are portrayed by IslaFisher, Ned Beatty, Abigail Breslin and a menacingly viciousperformance by Bill Nighy. For his first animated feature, I think GoreVerbinski has done a wonderful job at bringing an alteration of aclassic tale, one that is a rarity in films today. From its greatwriting to its strong performances, this is a film anyone will enjoywith a geniusly incorporated reference to a previous Depp film, Fearand Loathing in Las Vegas, and capturing the true "spirit of the west".

MYeah_Gorlomi (2011-06-30 13:48:37)

Rango is a creative, dazzling, and funny tribute to classic spaghetti westerns, but it's definitely not a kid's movie.

A couple days ago, I started 2011 off on a solid note with TheAdjustment Bureau, but that solid note has now risen to a brilliantnote with the release of Gore Verbinski's Rango.

Johnny Deep provides the voice of the title character, a chameleonhouse pet who gets lost in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and througha series of effective fibs, as well as killing a lethal hawk byaccident, winds up the sheriff of the town he wandered into known asDirt, a town low on water supplies, and on the brink of total droughtand dehydration. Rango decides to investigate the mystery surroundingthe low supplies, and quite often bites off more than he can chew.

The direction by Gore Verbinski, who garners enthusiastic and terrificperformances from his voice cast, is wonderful, and the screenplay byJohn Logan pays tribute to the classic spaghetti westerns ofyesteryear, right down to pre gunfight stand offs, important eventshappening at high noon, and the decision to have a Mariachi bandnarrate, and make comment on the film's events. Sure, a couple scenesseem to overstay their welcome, but in spite of that one flaw, the filmis fresh, and funny, and the film quite often got a good laugh frommyself. I also loved visual references to characters played by ClintEastwood and Lee Van Cleef in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I must also praise the technical crew. This is the first animatedfeature designed by the legendary special effects company IndustrialLight & Magic, and John Knoll does a good job at supervising the film'smany grand, colorful and photo realistic images. I have just as muchpraise for the audio crew. Sound editor Addison Teague does a good jobat handling classic western sound effects such as gunfire and gallopinghooves, and Hans Zimmer (whose music score pays delightful homage tothe scores of Ennio Morricone) does a great job at heightening theexcitement and wit.

Before I sign off, I must make a final point. I'm normally not toovocal about censorship, but take the facts that the film is animated,and rated PG with a huge grain of salt, because Rango is NOT a kid'smovie. The images are quite quirky, and sometimes even trippy, some ofthe subject material is rather violent and foul mouthed, and some ofthe jokes may fly way over kids' heads, but that's exactly why I thinkthe film's so special. The film makers stuck to their guns, and didn'twimp out in order to get a bigger audience of children. It's a moviealmost strictly for older viewers, and should be treated as such.

Needless to say, I loved Rango. I give it **** out of ****

featheredsun (2011-06-30 04:08:52)

Do you want to see a good western, amigo?

This movie combines phenomenal animation (really amazingly well done),great voice acting, and a script full of wily humor, old-school westernlegend, and mystic enlightenment. It is a tour de force for bothanimated movies and a welcome addition to the potent mythology of TheWest.

I felt the plot was a bit convoluted, but it plays out well in mostcases, with some very epic moments, and some very surprisingintrospection at times (meditations on failure, hardship, andidentity).

And it lives and breathes the essence of the classic western, full ofdry, hot, dusty openness and grit. I would actually put this up againstTombstone or Silverado any day - it's got the whiskey and iron for it.

juliahoopz (2011-06-30 01:04:05)

It was OK

Well, we don't have kids, and I think we were the only ones in theaudience without any. That said, we typically enjoy animated flicksquite a bit as they always seem to throw in some good adult humor.About half way through, we realized that most of this humor had beenshown to us in the preview we had seen of the movie a few weeks prior.This movie was really hyped a lot so maybe we just had higher thannormal expectations. It just didn't live up. Although I did like theanimation a lot and the characters were pretty great- sometimes it wasjust so slow! Basically, my husband and I were bored a lot of the time.It seemed to just drag on and on. You know a movie is not so great whenyou can't wait for it to just end all ready. When we left the theater,every parent had a sleeping child in their arms- so maybe we weren'tthe only ones that were bored?

beccad90 (2011-06-29 13:38:58)

Alternate Title: Existentialism by Salvador Dali

If you took Sam Peckinpah, Terry Gilliam, and Disney and put them allon Hunter S. Thompson's brainwaves, you would get Rango. Yes, thismovie is as outrageous as it sounds. It's surreal, it's gritty, it'sundoubtedly sneaky with its wit and humor, and its all the more funbecause of it.

The film stars a chameleon (Johnny Depp), going through an existentialcrisis, as he has lived his whole life in a terrarium. When that lifeis quickly?and literally?shattered, he finds himself walking in searchof water. Instead, he finds a town called Dirt, where all the residentsare plagued by outlaws and a severe lack of water, which is used ascurrency, it's so rare. Rango, seeking acceptance, assumes the role ofsheriff, a role that has been played before, but with more unfortunateresults. To make matters worse, someone is dumping water in the desertand draining all of dirt's resources. Who could it be, what is theirdiabolical plan, and is Rango really the unlikely hero of his ownstory?

In case it wasn't obvious enough from this summary, the film's tone issurreal, complex and almost shockingly mature for an animated picture.It blends in so very many movie references, blending the gritty,revisionist western with the surrealism of Fear and Loathing in LasVegas, a too-obvious comparison on the latter's part. Director GoreVerbinski had a unique way of producing and directing this picture: hegathered Depp and all the other actors on a sound stage, in variouscostumes, acting out their scenes, as a sort of visual reference. Deppaffectionately?and appropriately?called this 'Emotion capture,' as itgives the movie a more natural, organic feel, as if the reactions werebelievable. When it's put on screen, it's full realized in bothinteraction and appearance.

What most people have touched on when talking about the pros of thismovie is, indeed, the stellar animation?and, boy, is it stellar.Granted, some of the human cameos are kind of on the flat side, but ouranimal heroes are textured and expressive, which is important in thiskind of movie. We can reach out and touch these sets if we were able;the roughness of the scales, the harsh desert heat and the sponge andspikes of cacti that crop up throughout are just a few of the detailsin this grand visual experience. The characters that make up thisfloundering town are actually interesting to look at and listen to, asthe animation and awesome voice work give them all distinct and likablepersonalities.

Resident include old prospector mouse Spoons, large, but quiet tomcatElgin, morose, trigger happy little aye-aye Priscilla (Breslin), and,my favorite, the kind, but no-nonsense Beans (Fischer), a rancherlizard who finds herself falling for the goofy, but sincere hero. But,by far, the biggest fan favorite has to be Bill Nighy's rogue,Rattlesnake Jake, who is hands-down, flat-out scary in any scene he isin! How any kid will survive his scenes is beyond me! However, thatmade him more of a threat that Rango needs to overcome, which is moresatisfying in the long run.

Overall, while Rango has a few glaring problems (like seeing the Spiritof the West, who had been built up too much to show his face and beeffective), Rango is easily one of the best movies of the year, if notone of the best-animated movies. It's surreal, but rewarding; strangebut still gets the message across in a reasonable way that all canunderstand. Just don't bring the under 7 crowd, as it may be too oddand definitely too scary (*coughRATTLESNAKEJAKEcough*), but for thosewho can tolerate it, Rango is a trip that you soon won't be forgetting,no matter how many times you watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

(I mean, you're already in a reptile house if you think about?Oh, nevermind?)

Efferevescent70 (2011-06-28 22:05:16)

Disappointed and offended

On a positive note the animation details are absolutely amazing. Thetechnology gets better and more impressive with every film.

I wanted to like this movie. I took my 12 year old son and 10 year olddaughter. I was embarrassed and uncomfortable that I chose this movie.I cannot believe how blatantly sexist this film was. The main characterhas a "friend" that is a headless/topless Barbie doll. I realize that aBarbie doll is a doll but the writers make it sexual when they haveRango put his arm around it and ask if the breasts are fake or real.Breasts are prominent through-out the movie. There is a character (Ithink a frog) that has large breasts heaving out of her dress. Thischaracter adds nothing to the story line. It is very odd to havegratuitous sexuality in a family film. Early on a character offers hissister in exchange for safety. There are numerous inappropriate jokes.They ask if he "misses his mother's mangoes?" Without telling the storythere is another "adult" joke that says that she just swallowed "PlanB."

There are cuss words that do not add any value to the storyline. Itruly wish that writers would consider their audience will includeimpressionable children. Rango lies to everyone about being a toughguy. The spirit if the west said you "started it now you must finishit." It is not very clear what message they want us to walk away with.I suppose you could say the philosophy of Rango is "fake it until youmake it."

sarthasam (2011-06-28 06:49:02)

Fantastic Western!

The film was amazing, the style the songs, the visuals the animation,everything! The film had great characters and a cool story! I saw Pixarhas met its match this year, Cars 2 just looks boring, this one isoriginal and beautiful! Hats off to Nickalodean for creating a goodmovie for once! Rattlesnake Jake has become on of my favorite villainsof all time now, he is a cool bastard! Rango has heart and a greatsense of humor, with references to Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, Fearand Loathing in Las Vegas, The Man with No Name, The Good the bad andthe ugly and many more, Rango is carried by a great cast, with voicetalent like Johnny Depp and Billy Nighy, and Ned Beatty from last yearshit Toy Story 3!

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